Quality Friesian horses
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Friesians are for us the most beautiful and impressive horses in the world. They are unique in their character, their attitude to work and extremely focused on "their" people.

Our selected friesians standing in the modern to medium type, we gently train under the saddle and carriage.
Nothing make us more happy than working with Friesian horses. It is an ideal balance to the often stressful everyday life. Each horse makes individual demands on us every day - and that is exactly what makes it so interesting for us.

Through our years of experience with the friesens, we have learned a lot about the breeding, character, exterior and training of them.
You find not the 0815 friesen on our stable, because only selected horses with a lot of potential and quality. From the youngster to the very good ridden our driven horses and also star-stallions and stallions from the stallion performance test, our high level dressage horses, you can find about us.

If you're interested to buy friesian, please contact us.