Quality Friesian horses
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About Us

Our big hobby and passion are the friesian horses, because friesians are for us the most beautiful horses in the world. Our selected and standing in the modern to medium type friesians became gentle training under the saddle and carriage by us.

Nothing makes us more happy than working with our friesian horses. It is an ideal balance to the often stressful everyday life. Each horse makes daily individual demands on us. That's what make it so interesting for us. Through our years of experience with the friesians, we have learned a lot about the breeding, character, confirmation and training of them.

We drive our friesians 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 horses in front of the carriage, drive wedding or other occasions and train the friesians in the dressage.

Are you interested in buying a friesian horse, or do you have some questions because attitude, training, our would you like to give your horse in training, please contact us.

Our friesian

Our stable is located near Koblenz, in the beautiful Eifel.

We live closely together with our friesians and try to give them and optimal attitude. Our friesians have big and bright stables, we also have some grasslands. The horses love to spend their free time on the pasture. When reading, we attach great importance to the quality.

We look forward to welcoming you to a coffee or tea in our stable.

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